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Dresden ‘City of Paradise’


My name is Imad and I am from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. I lived and studied in Beirut. Lebanon is a very small and very beautiful country. I studied Business administration, major Banking and Finance in the university in Lebanon, and after graduation I worked first year in the banking sector, in one of the most famous banks in Beirut, and the second year I worked in the management sector, in the one of a famous multinational company, Real estate development company, in the East of Europe, Middle East, North of Africa and Asia.

In the year after I traveled to Germany, and I started an Internship/Training in one of the most famous company in Dresden. I’ve got a lot of experience there, and in that moment, I started to make a future plan, as I learned German and I started to develop my skills. On of the best important thing, that I felt in love with the city.

Dresden is a beautiful, romantic, historical, amazing city ever know. It has this spirit that I can’t explain. It is unique and great. The people here are special, this why I had a lot of friends, not only friends but even people to know and public relations through them. It was a happy moment in Dresden, but also, I gave myself time to explore Germany.

In the first 6 months I tried to concentrate in doing training and learning German language. After that I started to search for Job to insure my stay in Germany and live here. I though many times to start looking for Job outside Dresden or to move, but I was stuck here because of the secret Love with the city itself. After time, I found a good Job that insure my living, and to pay for my expenses.

Nowadays, I am still working and learning, and making the best for a better life and better future. Finding Job in Dresden is not easy, but possible. All you need is a good certificate, good German language and hope. The rest is easy. People are open minded, companies are most medium and small sized, and the organizations are many. Try to find yourself a good friend, because you need them to assist you in the living rules, regarding the German rules. Try to understand well the laws and the living life. As for me it was not difficult because in my life I was used to live with the international environment and with many nationalities.

I used also to travel as a hobby. I like the German culture, also I like the German food for example ‘Frankfurter Soße’, and I like German and Dresdner sweets specially ‘Freiberger Eierschecke Kuchen’, also I like the German Rap music …

Finding a job in Dresden brings me stability and helps me to develop my skills and to explore the society well also to know more people. As for me I had a lot of ideas, and I already started some ideas online using some websites, but to have more stability you need a real stable job. I will stay looking for a job, but job with career, job and company that deserve me and that you can work not because of money but because of love of this career, of missing working with your team and work that gives you a chance to succeed.

If I still have this chance, I want to stay in Dresden for several reasons: Cost living is cheap, happy friends (but many are thinking to move to the big cities for work and this sometimes makes me disappointed), I feel I belong to this society, I know well the city, I am very active in the city life, and I think the city needs me in this moment. If I walked in the streets of Dresden city, I have this feeling that I may not ever leave this city, and when I travel far I also have this feeling that I want to come back soon. The most part of the city is the old city or ‘die altstadt’, and here really can everyone feel the spirit of love, romance and greatness.

I can’t forget this moment when I met with an old lady, she is from Dresden South, and I was explaining her the difficulties to find a job and the ideas for leaving to the big cities with more opportunities but she said: we need you in the city, we need a person like you, not only because you’re not originally from here but also because of your skills and passion, and this brings a lot to the city, to be colored and mix and you will help the city to develop and to be more unique and this what I hoped too and wanted to, and I am doing it now and want to do it in the near future. I think Dresden deserve this from me because of what she already gave to me.


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