Internationals connect with local companies (descript and Itelligence) through the Career Café organised by Intap. The event took place at a groovy location of the The Student Hotel Dresden. The participants had a chance to learn about the various HR processes at each of the companies. They were also taken on a journey through their application process through 5 stations namely

Self assessment by Gabriele Feyler (Dual Career Service expert)

Writing a powerful Cover Letter by Stefanie Gaube (Recruiting expert from Itelligence)

Writing an effective CV by Therese Stoll (Coaching expert)

Nailing an interview by Max Vorhauer (Software developer at Descript)

Virtual Intap tour by Fatema Darbar and Louisa Werner (Intap)

The evening ended in the lounge area of The Student Hotel Dresden with discussions, drinks and networking.