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With intap, we want to make local businesses in Dresden aware of the potential of academic young talents. Our focus is on those international students, graduates and researchers that already live here. More than 10 percent of all students in Dresden are foreigners. Get informed with us, exchange ideas, connect, network, and get to know international academics of your field of interest.

There are many examples for a successful cooperation within international and intercultural teams in Dresden’s businesses. Although some firms may want some support during the first steps. How about you? Have you already recognized the chances and benefits of multinational employees for your company and would like to find out more about how to realize the next step? Intap addresses the meaning of successful internal integration and informs regarding the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Diversity Management

Do you want to learn more about intercultural competence and how you can promote it? Or how you can bring international teams together? Based on our corporate events with best practice, panel discussion and exchange, we have developed a  Broschüre mit Praxistipps (in German) in cooperation with diversity experts. You’ll find helpful tips, examples and information for employees, HR professionals and entrepreneurs.




The international students, graduates and researchers have been educated at one of Dresden’s universities or research institutions.


Their language skills and networks pave the way to the international markets

Different approaches and thought patterns of heterogeneous teams give new impulses.
The performance and innovativeness of your company can increase
Heterogeneous teams solve complex tasks more innovatively

Offers & Events (planned)