I keep on exploring myself.. a little more each time! Last year I discovered Painting.. the year before..I was a Writer.. Let’s see what the future holds in store 😉

Garima Singh
  • Where are you originally from and what makes it special?

I am from Lucknow, India. Being the cultural and culinary hub of the country, it perfectly strikes the chords in one’s heart. You can never have enough of the finger licking Mughlai cuisine or the hand embroidered Chikankari roaming in the streets of the city which never loses its charm. What else makes it special is my family of course!

  • What brought you to Dresden?

During my short stay in Karlsruhe, I luckily came across this PhD position offered at HZDR, Dresden which was exactly what I wanted. Then things happened so quick, I was in this amazing city Dresden in no time.

  • What is your educational background?

I am a chemist by profession. I have worked with chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The most interesting project of my career was the development of cancer diagnosis agents.

  • What unique academic talent or skill (s) have you developed?

A PhD teaches you a lot. What I learnt is to be is a cool supervisor and a multitasker. Managing the projects, lab, students and collaborations all at once, it is a thing.

  • What would your ideal place of employment be like?

I would like to continue as a researcher so any interesting interdisciplinary project with some application-based chemistry would be my ideal choice. I enjoy working with a dynamic and diverse team of people, so if I find something like that, it would be great.

  • Under which circumstances would you be willing to stay and work in Dresden for good?

I have been in Dresden for four years now and I love this city. But now I would like to explore a little and move to a bigger city, but if I come across a good opportunity in Dresden, I am happy to grab it with both hands 😊

  • Who is your personal role-model and why?

I have the habit of acquiring good things from people. I can name a person from every stage of my life who has inspired me in a small or a big way and mind you, they are not celebrities. Usually it is the small things you learn with time that show great results.

  • Which German custom do you find interesting or strange?

To be honest, customs and traditions excite me. I enjoy being a part of it. I like Feuerzangenbowle followed by watching a movie, as much as I love being punctual here. And yes, now I don’t pass on advance birthday wishes.

  • Where is your favourite place to relax in Dresden, and why?

It is summer so most probably you will find me and my friends with a Beer and Bratwurst barbequing in the Alaun Park.