Dresden is slowly becoming an interesting hub for students from all over the world to explore for employment and education. In July, students from India visited Dresden on a Summer School Program through Unimap to learn about the various industries, the work culture and the academic possibilities in Dresden and Germany in general. These students were from Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering backgrounds. Intap conducted company tours for the students on July 9th, 10th and 11th to connect them with the vibrant industry in Dresden.

On July 9th the students were invited to visit our Intap office, meet the team and learn about the Intap project and the network which could help them connect with companies in Dresden. The students were also informed about Dresden’s economy and the employee benefits of working in Germany.

The next day, on July 10th the students visited East-4d with Intap. The company conducted a detailed presentation for the students about their products, services and the company structure. The students were then brought to the production area where they witnessed the products in the making. The representative took time to explain the processes of producing the products and the final results. The students were curious and had many questions which were answered patiently by the company representatives.

The final company visit was conducted at Lam Research on July 11th. The company presented their reach in the semiconductor market. The students also learned about the company structure, work culture and their various branches. It was interesting to hear that Lam Research was involved in almost every digital product that we all use. The tour ended with several questions being answered and a fun photo session.

All the companies (East-4d and Lam Research) superbly and passionately presented themselves to the students portraying Dresden’s vibrant industry and the willingness to invite skilled internationals in their organisations.