Where are you originally from and what makes it special?

I am originally from Iran. Undoubtedly the history is special in my country but that’s not all. Kind, generous and indefatigable people are the most special thing.

Who is your personal role-model and why?

I don’t have any special role-model, but I always admire people like scientists, athletes and singers because they work hard to achieve their goals and I strive to be like that.

What brought you to Dresden?

I was interested in high tech updated Circuit design and TUD is offers an excellent master program named Nanoelectronics Systems where I can study in my field of interest.  It has always been my plan to come to Germany to study and work.

Why has it always been your plan to study and work in Germany?

I love to work in an organized high-tech environment where I can concentrate to excel in my field of interest.

Which German custom do you find interesting or strange?

It is strange for me that everything is closed on weekends and the city sleeps at 9 pm during weekdays. The most interesting thing is that the people speak straight and tell you their opinion kind and frankly.

What is your educational background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Azad University of Tehran, Iran. I completed my degree with very good marks (an overall GPA of 1.9 (where 1 is the highest mark) and now I’m studying a master’s degree at TUD in Nanoelectronics.

What unique academic talent or skill (s) have you developed?

I completed my project work and Master Thesis in Circuit design in the Circuit Design Chair of TUD. I also had a student job at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research for approximately 2 years where I completed several tasks related to my studies.

What would be your ideal place of employment be like?

My ideal place of employment would be a place that I can develop my creativity and learn more in my field. Ideally, with an adequate salary in an international environment.

 Where is your favorite place to relax in Dresden, and why?

Near the Elbe and Neustadt because it’s more vibrant and spending time near the river suppresses all the stress of the day.

Under which circumstances would you be willing to stay and work in Dresden?

I like Dresden and if I found a fitting job, I would choose to stay here.

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