intap’s new blog series will tell the success stories of internationals living, working and studying in Dresden. This vibrant, dynamic city is home to thousands of internationals, and every other week we will meet a new international who is doing something amazing here in Dresden.

Sujay is one of the faces from our most recent campaign (see below) and he was kind enough to answer a few questions to tell us about why he came to Dresden.

I come from Ahmedabad, India. It’s a Metropolitan city in north west part of India with 5.5 Million population (~10 times of what Dresden has). However, the two cities feel similar to me because the Elbe divides Dresden into old and new towns in the same way the river Sabarmati divides Ahmedabad. I also used to use public transport there, and I do here as well. I have lived here since Oct 2012, a little over 6 years. Currently I am writing my PhD thesis at IHM, TU Dresden.

After finishing my bachelors, I wanted to study further in semiconductor electronics. My father, a veteran scientist for ISRO India, met a Professor from TU Chemnitz at a conference in 2010. Upon recommendation from the Professor, I started looking for relevant M.Sc. courses here in Germany. One year later, after finishing my B.Sc., I started preparing for it and within a couple of months, I selected TU Dresden for my further studies. I came here because Dresden is well known for its expertise in semiconductor technology and home to the headquarters of Global Foundries, Infineon and various Fraunhofer Institutes. Apart from that, the University is highly ranked on an international scale. The area is also well known with the name ‘’Silicon Saxony’’!

I have a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications, and a masters in Nano Electronic Systems. During my masters, I had the opportunity to present my work at SEMICON Europa conference and from there I broke in to the research field. Currently I am trying to develop faster interconnects for integrated circuits – in fact, we have just broken the world record with our 3D optical waveguide (one of the fastest in the entire world of its kind!). It is exciting to work on uncharted territories and when the results are this awesome, it keeps the motivation at its peak.

Dresden is awesome. I listened to my first (of many) Nobel Laureate lectures here. I was very impressed with the evening long program that was open to all, encouraging people to dive into science and ask critical questions. The whole city opens up in the name of science on a regular basis. It just shows how forward thinking society is here. Apart from science, I have made some really great friends here in Dresden. The landscape is also great. One can find almost everything here, from hiking and a great get away at ‘’Sachsiche Schweiz’’ to a bicycle ride along the Elbe river and beautiful architecture across the city!

Blick auf die Dresdner Stadtsilhouette/Foto: Christoph Münch (Source)

Dresden is a city like no other. I believe that there are plenty of good opportunities for everyone here. As I mentioned earlier, there are good education opportunities and people with open minds and a helping nature. As Intap has pointed out through their networking events in last year, there are number of small and middle level enterprises in Dresden, where qualified internationals are in great demand!

Sujay’s tips for moving to Dresden:

  • Learn the German language ASAP. Even though I’ve been here for 6 years, I only started learning the language in the last three years. In retrospect, I think that my life here would have been significantly different and better if I had a decent amount of German language knowledge in the beginning. I think it not only affects your professional life, but also the day to day life and is one of the most underappreciated attributes.
  • If you are coming from a warm weather (like me!), get ready for a longer winter season!
  • Do it, you will love it! 😊