Kritee Pant, 30

I love organizing theme parties, DIY projects and making pancake art!

  • Where are you originally from and what makes it special?

I am originally from India (North). India is special because of its diversity, mixed culture and very, very delicious food. It’s special because in India, on the same street you can find a cow in front of a mansion, a Maserati next to a hut & people of every religion cohabitating like it’s no big deal! (it shouldn’t be of course)!

  •  What brought you to Dresden?

Accident. While working in India, I applied for a PhD position in Germany which I decided to quit after only a few months of joining. Since, my visa was still valid for a few months, I applied to an institute (HZDR) in Dresden working on Cancer Research to learn a hands-on technique and ended up falling in love with the place and my research!

  • What is your educational background?

I am a Chemist with a PhD focused in cancer research. In simple words, my expertise and interest are in making exciting molecules to be able to detect cancer more efficiently and at an early stage. 

  • What unique academic talent or skill(s) have you developed?

In the last 8 years, I have had the chance to work at various academic institutions and industries in many countries. This has cultivated stress management, multi-tasking attitude and cultural inclusivity in me. I think project management covering science, business and market analysis is something I’m good at. I can usually motivate my team well and work with different mindsets/expertise for a certain goal.

  • Where do you work and what do you do?

I work as a Project Manager and Deputy R&D team lead in a pharmaceutical company, ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH. ROTOP is focused on developing and marketing nuclear medicine diagnostic kits for various medical needs, mainly, cancer as well as for heart and neurological disorders. I am responsible for making sure that our radiotracers (diagnostic kits) reach smoothly from the lab to the market and are also approved by the responsible authorities on time.

  •  How did you get to know your current employer?

My research at the Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, HZDR, Dresden is closely related to what ROTOP does. So, I knew about ROTOP through the scientific network.

  • What would you suggest to internationals looking for employment in Dresden?

Networking, Networking, Networking. When I started job-searching, the first people to respond were people I had met, or talked to in a conference, seminar or at an event. It’s natural that people remember faces more than just a name on a paper. So, it really helps if you get a chance to show your real self to a person/employer one-on-one. Secondly, as a person involved in a hiring process, precise and organized CVs as well as good recommendations always have a higher chance to get your applications forwarded from the HR to the team lead. I also believe, language learning really helps. Not necessarily always for your job but also to integrate in a work-environment and to build team-relationships. I am one of the two internationals in my company and due to my job role, have to work with a lot of technicians who can’t speak English well…and I see they work better if I also try to speak to them in German even if my grammar is not perfect.

  • Who is your personal role-model and why?

I don’t believe in particular role-models. I’d like to believe everyone should be their own role models. If I had to name one, it would be Ellen Degeneres. Like her, I’d like to bring happiness in people’s lives, do more for animal welfare, minorities and just, for people. I like to get inspired by people who are driven, who live their life with honestly, and compassion. Not only work-wise but also in general. People who try to break the glass ceilings are people I look upto.

  • Which German custom do you find interesting or strange?

Eating raw meat for breakfast is something, I find interesting. I love it however; it definitely took some time to adjust to. Also, the whole and sometimes very long process of converting a relationship from ‘Sie’ to ‘Du’ is something I still struggle with. 

  • Where is your favorite place to relax in Dresden, and why?

Dresdner Heide and Elbe with my dog are my personal favorite places to relax in Dresden. I go there, almost everyday to play fetch with my dog or play in the water with him and we both love it!

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