Where are you originally from and what makes it special?

It’s not that simple😊 I am from Israel, but I grew up in South Africa. It would be hard for me to tell you what feels more like home since they are very different countries, and both influenced who I am today. South Africa is special because it truly is the rainbow nation. I grew up there, got my education there and became who I am today. A country where there are people from all over the world and of all colors, and religions can work together and respect and accept the differences. Israel is full of loud, passionate and brutally honest people. I met my husband there and gave birth to my daughter there. Learned patience but also learned to be pushy to succeed.

What brought you to Dresden?

My husband! We are here for his Post doc position. We negotiated back and forth for over a year before we settled on Dresden. Dresden has so much bad publicity that it almost put us off. But I am glad we decided to come after all. People have been helpful and welcoming!

What is your educational background?

I have an LLB law degree, but I also did several additional courses for nonacademic purposes.

Where do you work and what do you do?

I started working at Watttron this month. I am an administrative assistant. The title is misleading since the company is full of opportunities which I hope I will be able to develop.

How did you get to know your current employer?

Before our relocation I was approached by Anja Schwarze from the dual career center. She helped me prepare my CV and said she will help me in my job search. My new employer met her at your (intap’s) campaign launch.

What skills or academic talent do you think helped you to secure your current position?

Everyone keeps telling me I must have great credentials to get a job in a foreign speaking country so soon. I really don’t know about that! I like to think I am internationally minded (if that makes any sense), trustworthy and that I have solid working experience. Besides that, I really like to meet new people, I am always happy for new challenges and I like to think that my new employer saw that in me.

Who is your personal role-model and why?

I don’t really know how to answer this question. Sorry. The older I get the less I feel a need for role models. I always do my best and strive to improve myself. I look at the work ethic of some people, and at the way they deal with certain situations (stressful situations for example) and I try to learn from them. I have learned important lessons from all my previous employers and many of my past colleagues but there isn’t a singular person.

Which German custom do you find interesting or strange?

This fascination with calendars and all things sausage… I don’t get it😊

Where is your favorite place to relax in Dresden, and why?

The banks of the Elbe, it’s a minutes’ walk away from my house. I like to walk my dogs there. I love the green (or muddy brown and even the white😉) I love the peace and the pebbles and the crows and ducks and the occasional beaver. I like seeing the other dogs and greeting some of the people that already know me. I love letting my dogs run free and sniff and play together. I like going early in the morning when it’s still empty or early afternoon when it’s nice and sunny and when we had the snow, I went every night. The snow reflected the light and you could see everything clearly in the dark (usually my evening walks are careful and cautious) and it was completely surreal.

What would you suggest to internationals looking for employment in Dresden?

Be open minded. Go and interview with any opportunity you get. Be flexible and start learning German as soon as possible.